6 Ways to Get the Best from your Thermostat

As we have mentioned in previous posts, buying a high-quality thermostat for your central or underfloor heating system will definitely save you money in the long term. However, once you actually have your system up and running, you need to make sure you are using your thermostat properly.

Let’s take a look and see how to get the best from your Thermostat.

  • Stat not working properly? Read the instructions first.

More often than not, when a thermostat or any piece of technology plays up, then the first step should be reading the instructions and the trouble shooting guide in particular. If you exhaust this method then we always recommend you call Heatmiser, ProWarm or Salus Tech support first before giving us a call

  • Put on a sweater rather than turn up the heat!

If you are feeling cold, it might be better to actually put on another layer rather than turning up the temperature on your thermostat. An extra layer can add 3 degrees to the temperature that you feel. Lowering your home temperature by 1 degree can save you around £150 a year.

  • Don’t set the wrong temperature!

Very often, people can set the temperature too high and overheat their homes as central heating stats only allow you to set the temperature for the whole house unlike underfloor heating thermostats that allow you to control different rooms or zones individually.

Our advice is set the overall temperature in your home, then indivudually set your radiators to a comfortable heating level and turn to a low level and doors closed in rooms you are not using.

  • Use a setback temperature rather than turning the heating off altogether.

Rather than turn your heating off altogether when you leave the house or go on holiday, it is much more efficient and safer to have a setback temperature set up on your thermostat. This will prevent damp or mould forming as well as preventing burst pipes in the colder months. A setback temperature does not mean your heating is on all the time but is set at a level (16 degrees is recommended to begin with) that is right for your home if you are out for a normal amount of time but it will drop off too much if you are out for longer for some reason. Essentially it prevents your home from becoming too cold.

  • Never install a Thermostat in a very cold or vey warm room.

If you were to place a thermostat in a very cold or very warm room – the temperature readings would end up being skewed and the thermostat would not be able to accurately work out how to efficiently and effectively heat your home. Remember also to place them on interior walls around 5 feet from the floor and away from windows or direct sunlight.

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