Complete Single Zone Water Underfloor Heating Kits

Below is a selection of our pre-made water underfloor heating kits. Smaller distances between pipe centres allow faster heat up times.

What are Single Zone Water Underfloor Heating Kits?

Our complete wet underfloor heating kits (single zone) contains everything required to install an underfloor heating solution to your chosen floor area.

What are these Single Zone Heating Kits suitable for?

These kits are only suitable for floor areas where one zone (thermostat) control is required.

The underfloor heating kits have sufficient pipe supply for the specified floor area, based upon either 200mm/150mm/125mm or 100mm pipe centres, assuming the manifold is centrally located.

What else comes with these Single Zone Heating Kits?

Each of our kits is supplied with:

  • A high quality Grundfos Pump & Esbe Mixing Valve set fitted with temperature gauges
  • A stainless steel manifold of the correct size, with the required number of manifold connectors as well as valves, a pressure gauge, an auto air vent, filling and drain points.
  • Enough pipe, in either PERT-AL-PERT or PEX-AL-PEX
  • The required amount of pipe clips
  • The required amount of edge insulation
  • A Heatmiser Programmable Room Thermostat
  • A pipe cutter
  • A pipe reaming tool
  • Installation Manual

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