The new Salus Quantum – Best thermostat ever?

We sell a wide range of Smart Thermostats at VPS UFH but the latest stat from Salus Controls, the Salus Quantum, has really made us sit up and take notice. Let us explain why the Salus Quantum might just be the best smart thermostat ever made. 


Described as the “the most revolutionary thermostat to ever hit the heating market”, the Salus Quantum certainly has a lot to live up to but it does come packed with a range of key features:

List of key features:

  • Walkthrough setup on LCD
  • Powered by 230V (SQ610) or LI-ION rechargeable battery (SQ610RF)
  • Optimisation Features (Optimum Start and Stop)
  • Smart Home integrated
  • PIN Lock (Suitable for landlords)
  • Valve Protection
  • Comfort Settings
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Fully programmable 7 days
  • External Sensor connection support
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Salus Quantum is 230V mains powered and LI-ION rechargeable battery powered radio Frequency (RF) for both the Underfloor Heating and boiler markets.

Salus of course have ensured that the Quantum can control both central heating and UFH heating systems with both thriftiness and ecology in mind. However, Salus has gone one better this time and designed the thermostat with an internal rechargeable battery to accommodate recommendations of the EU.

SALUS’ European Managing Director, Dean Jepson said: “SALUS Quantum is an extraordinary thermostat designed to be multifunctional, yet the simplest to install and operate.”

Additionally, solar gain issues have been overcome with the warm floor feature. Floor temperature can reduce with long periods of solar gain through glass and can cause the floor temperature to reduce. The new Quantum ensures the floor stays warm during these periods.

The SALUS Quantum SQ Version, features a humidity sensor, operates with underfloor heating, smart radiator systems and is fully compatible with SALUS Smart Home and Amazon Alexa.

The S1 and S2 terminals are designated to provide additional possibilities to connect with, including three sensors, an External Air Sensor Probe, External Floor Sensor Probe and an Occupancy Sensor, which means the thermostat will enter a sleep state until it detects someone entering the room.

In addition it has the possibility to connect with two switches, a light switch, a dedicated switch that might be programmed to trigger certain automation rules, scenarios, customised SMS alerts or e-mail messages and a changeover switch, a simple way to switch between heating and cooling mode.

To finish off, the Salus Quantum comes with a Five-Year Warranty.

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