What is the best flooring for underfloor heating?

The best flooring for an underfloor heating system will be one that efficiently transfers heat from the underfloor heating system to the surface of the floor.

Many options will work well, but a hard surface like stone, engineered wood or ceramic tiles, may offer an ideal transfer of heat and are the most conductive.

If your floor covering is particularly sensitive, then you can implement a floor sensor that will limit the highest temperature of the underfloor heating system. A carpet can also work well providing the combined tog does not go above 2.5.

Let’s compare how well the different floor coverings transfer heat to the floor surface:


Best Floor Covering for Underfloor Heating Systems

Solid & Engineered Wood

Engineered timber floor coverings are both strong and stable which in turn means that they are particularly suitable for underfloor heating systems. Although solid hardwoods and softwoods can be used – then take into account board width and thickness.

  • Heat transfers well
  • Timeless finish
  • Adds aesthetic ‘warmth’ to a design scheme
  • Suitable for all floor levels

Ceramic Tile and Stone

Ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles have particularly high thermal conductivity and are a common fixture in both bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore an Underfloor Heating System is often an ideal choice to make these cold surfaces a thing of the past.

  • Even transfer of heat
  • Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Clean and high-end finish
  • Full range of styles, colours and patterns
  • Long-lasting
  • Works on any floor level

Vinyl and Linoleum,

Vinyl floor tiles function well and looks elegant with UFH, creating a high-end finish to suit the design style of your home.

  • Works well with traditional or modern homes
  • Hardwearing floor finish
  • Works with all floor levels
  • Perfect for well-insulated rooms with lower heat requirements

Carpet and Rugs

Carpet is often a preferred partner of UFH providing the tog value of the carpet and underlay combined does not rise above 2.5.

  • Good heat transference
  • Creates an enduring finish
  • Adds ‘warmth’ to your home
  • Suitable for all floor levels

Polished Screed & Resin

These types of finishes are becoming more and more popular due to their toughness and durability. Screed is very conductive and pairing with UFH removes the coldness of regular hard floors.

  • Heat transfers well
  • Comes in a variety of luxury finishes
  • Holds heat for longer
  • Suitable for both new build and renovation projects.


Laminate floors and perfect for homes with kids, they are both durable and easy to clean. Also very easy to install and is a good partner for UFH.

  • Number of high quality finishes available
  • Wipe clean and child-friendly
  • Works with all levels of flooring

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