Electric Underfloor Heating

Our range of Electric Underfloor Heating products are perfect for any homeowner or installer.

Why install Electric Underfloor Heating?

Both Electric and Water based  underfloor heating systems are equally suitable for you home. Certain factors may mean that one might be more suitable than the other for your particular needs.

Electric normally works out cheaper than a water based system in terms of installation. However, running costs are often higher than when compared to a wet system.

What type of build should I use an Electric system in?

For smaller areas or single rooms within new builds then an electric underfloor heating system is recommended. These systems are also very popular when fitting a new bathroom or renovating your existing one.

Electric UFH systems are quite easy to retrofit and according to Which: 66% of people already had it installed in just one room. The bathroom being most common (63%), followed by the kitchen (32%).

On the other hand, a wet system is recommended where you have concrete sub floors which are very common in new builds.

How does an Electric Underfloor Heating System actually work?

The system works by using a network of cables that are wired up to a thermostat and the mains. Depending on the type of floor in each home or workplace there are different types of systems. A qualified electrician should always connect the underfloor heating to the mains.

 The wires are fitted on top of a layer of screed (this ensures the surface that the wires are on is perfectly flat) and a layer of floor insulation which stops the heat from travelling down.

How much does electric underfloor heating cost to install and run?

Electric UFH systems are generally more expensive to run when compared to water systems and radiator heating, however it is cheaper to install as it very much less intrusive especially when retro-fitting.

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