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  • Sale! ON SALE!Pipe Staple Gun

    Pipe Staple Fixing Gun

    Original price was: £129.60.Current price is: £85.00. (inc.VAT)

    Provides a quick and easy method of fixing pipe staples to secure underfloor heating pipe into an insulated surface.

    Easy-feed mechanism for fast installation both 40mm and 60mm pipe clips  to floor insulation.

    It replaces the requirement for manual fitting and provides improved working comfort

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  • Underfloor Heating Pipe Decoiler

    £190.80 (inc.VAT)

    Our underfloor heating pipe decoilers allow for one man installations resulting in considerable time and financial savings on each underfloor heating installation. A pipe coil is fitted on to the decoiler, which can simply be pulled off as subsequent pipe sections are laid whilst it neatly unwinds. This reduces the risk of tangling/kinking and consequential pipe damage while also ensuring a tidy, hazard free working environment.

    They are a stable, robust design constructed from steel box section and feature extendable arms to suit a variety of pipe coils. Our pipe decoilers can be easily assembled and disassembled for transportation and storage.

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  • Pipe Reaming Tool

    £3.60 (inc.VAT)

    Reaming tool that re-rounds underfloor heating pipe prior to connection to the manifold or valve.

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  • Pipe Cutters

    Underfloor Heating Pipe Cutter

    £6.89 (inc.VAT)

    When installing a wet underfloor heating system, this professional grade multilayer pipe cutter is ideal for effectively cutting  multilayer pert-al-pert underfloor heating pipe. Quick and simple to use and designed to ensure a smooth clean cut. This device  will not damage the pipe.  the pipe cutter helps keep a constant flow during the installation with…

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