Thermopads floor heating mats and cables are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and construction when used for the purpose intended and maintained in accordance with normal electrical practice, subject to the conditions outlined in this Guarantee.

This Guarantee does not affect your Statutory Rights

All mats and cables are individually tested prior to packing and are not random batch tested, each product having its resistance reading and serial number recorded at the time of manufacture for reference and record purposes. The CE marked products are covered by Worldwide Approvals and meet the test requirements of International Standards IEC 60335 & IEC 60800

The heater is guaranteed for the lifetime of the floor covering over the heater, with the following exclusions to be noted by the Buyer.

Guidance Notes:

  • To be covered by the Lifetime Guarantee the product must be registered with the distributor / supplier within 30 days of purchase.
  • In the event of a claim proof of purchase will be required. A retail invoice or receipt will be acceptable for this purpose.
  • The heater must have been earthed and protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) at all times.
  • The cost of replacement is the only remedy under this guarantee that does not affect your statutory rights. Any costs are limited to the direct cost of a replacement, and does not extend to the repair or replacement of the floor covering or floor.
  • The electrical installation shall be in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations and the installation must be compliant with Part P of the Building Regulations and the completed Part P certificate retained as proof.
  • We are not in any event liable for incidental or consequential losses, including but not limited to costs associated with utility expenses, trades people or damage to property.

We are not responsible for:

  • Damage or faults caused by faulty installation, product abuse, the tiling / flooring installation, incorrect application or incorrect design by others.
  • Systems that are not installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations
  • Systems without a Warranty Certificate completed at the time of the installation and returned to the distributor / supplier within 30 days of purchase
  • Systems where floor coverings have been damaged, replaced or repaired
  • Acts of God or other conditions beyond our control
  • Failure to operate and delays in operation, due to the standard of the electrical installation provided for the underfloor heating