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Our range of wet underfloor heating pipes and fittings are perfect for any homeowner or installer. Find out more regarding our UFH pipe including layout and spacing.

Underfloor heating pipe

Underfloor heating pipes transport warm water to different zones within the system. Made from a combination of layered plastic, UFH pipe has various qualities.
Flexible to allow ease of installation when forming the layout. Corrosion resistant & durable to ensure the system lasts a long time. Tough to withstand high pressure and temperature of the system.

Types of underfloor heating pipe

PEX AL PEX pipe is one of the few WRAS-approved pipes on the market. This is our top choice, manufactured with a focus on quality. Made from a 5-layer composite it contains a 0.2 mm thick aluminium core with butt-welded construction. This UFH pipe is energy efficient due to the alloy inner core technology.

PEX AL PEX is easy to install and holds its shape once positioned. It is flexible and is well-suited for various installation requirements. PEX-AL-PEX pipes combine the advantages of enhanced strength and resistance to high temperatures up to 95°C. Available in different lengths, these pipes cater to diverse project sizes. This ensures seamless integration into your underfloor heating system.

WRAS approved product badge

25 year

95°C max

12.5 bar max pressure

labelled layers of VPS PEX-AL-PEX underfloor heating pipe
Lengths 80m100m200m500m
Close up for wet underfloor heating pipe being installed

Underfloor heating pipe spacing

Spacing is crucial as it impacts heat output. Lower pipe spacing will provide the best heat output however increases material and installation costs. Your home’s insulation and specific room requirements are used to determine the optimal pipe spacing.

Underfloor heating pipe Layout

Designing an efficient underfloor heating layout can be challenging. Our team offers expert guidance on spacing and layouts for a hassle-free setup. If selected, we provide detailed CAD drawings with every order.

Explore our quotation page where you can submit your floor plan and provide a few essential details. Our team will assess your requirements and tailor a system suited to your needs. Fill out the form and we’ll create a solution that fits your space and preferences.

layout design for a wet underfloor heating system

Repairing pipe is possible, depending on the extent and location of the damage. Minor leaks or damages may be repairable using a compression coupling.

Our WRAS approved PEX AL PEX comes with a 25-year warranty.

The lifespan can vary depending on factors like material quality and installation. Generally, these pipes have a lifespan of 50 years or more, given proper installation and maintenance.

They are made from materials layered in plastic. PEX, PEX-AL-PEX, or occasionally, PERT. These materials durable, flexible, and resistant to corrosion.

The size range for underfloor heating pipes range between 12 mm to 20 mm in diameter.

16 mm diameter is a common size for UFH pipes. It strikes a balance between efficient heat distribution and compatibility with various UFH systems.

Our UFH pipes measure 16 mm in diameter as they allow longer lengths without compromising performance. They are compatible with our EPS overlay boards.