Pipe & Fittings

Our range of wet underfloor heating pipe and fittings are perfect for any homeowner or installer.

What type of Underfloor Heating pipe do you stock?

We stock VPS PEX AL PEX Underfloor Heating pipe and it is one of the only WRAS approved PEX AL PEX underfloor heating pipes on the market.

Underfloor Heating Pipe PEX AL PEX, made from a 5 layer composite material using PEX (Coextruded Cross-Linked Polyethylene) as the inner and outer layers coupled with a 0.2 mm thick aluminium core with butt welded construction.

Maximum operating pressure 12.5bar; maximum operating temperature 95oC, Highly energy efficient due to the aluminium inner core technology.

Underfloor Heating Pipe PEX AL PEX is easy to install and holds it’s shape once positioned.

What lengths does your Wet Underfloor Heating pipe come in?

We offer both 100m and 200m coils.

Is your Wet Underfloor Heating Pipe guaranteed?

Our WRAS approved Wet Underfloor Heating Pipe PEX AL PEX comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

Underfloor Heating Fittings

We stock a range of wet Underfloor Heating fittings suitable for any domestic or professional system or project from Manifold adaptors and Compression Couplings to Press Fittings and Connectors.  You can see our full range of fittings here.

VPS Underfloor Heating are located in Cumbernauld, Glasgow. Whether you are an installer or a domestic customer, give us a call on 0141 459 3141 for more information or fill in the online contact form below.

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