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EPS Board Spray Bonding Adhesive

£9.34 (inc.VAT)

500ml can (covers 5m2).

Used to bond overlay boards  to the floor.

VPS Underfloor Heating

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This high-performance, adhesive spray is formulated to bond overlay underfloor heating boards to new and existing floors. This includes concrete, screed, wood and tiles.

adhesive spray can’s hold 500ml and will cover around 5m2. If the subfloor is porous, like floorboards, a second coat on the underside of the boards is required. This reduced coverage by half.

Its fast-drying formula ensures excellent coverage and has excellent moisture resistance.

  • Ease of Installation: Extremely tacky with a long open time.
  • High Coverage: Ensures thorough bonding of area up to 5m2.
  • Suited for EPS & EXP: Non-chlorinated spray, perfect for overlay boards.



  • Fast drying formula
  • Suitable for EPS & XPS – polystyrene
  • High tack
  • High coverage
  • High temperature resistance
  • No waste
  • Approx 5m² coverage per 500ml can


The 500ml spray can be set to three positions – LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH, indicated L, M, H. We recommend setting the spray between M & H.

Shake the spray adhesive well before use and keep it above 16°C for optimal results. If the spray splatters or comes out unevenly, it might have been stored in a cold environment. Warm the adhesive gently in warm water before use and periodically during application to maintain the proper temperature. Spray the adhesive at a distance of 10-20cm towards the surface, ensuring a uniform and even coat to achieve 80-100% coverage. Avoid over-applying the spray; overlap each pass to create an even coat. Release the spray at the end of each sweep to prevent puddles of adhesive.

Allow the adhesive to tack off until no adhesive transfers to your knuckle when touched. Firmly press down the board onto the adhesive to ensure good contact. Avoid over-applying spray adhesive, as it’s unnecessary and leads to poor coverage.

If necessary, mark around each board on the floor with a marker. This provides a guide for where to spray adhesive, minimising over-spray and wastage.

Some solid floor surfaces may require an additional coat to be applied to the underside of the overlay boards. This will improve the surface contact between the boards and surface required for subfloor such as wood and tile. This will reduce the adhesive coverage by half . Always perform a small test area before starting the full instalation.

Ensure a well-ventilated workspace to help dissipate fumes. Additionally, wearing appropriate PPE is recommended to guarantee a safe and effective adhesive application process.




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