Pumps & Control Packs

Our premium range of wet underfloor heating products are perfect for any homeowner or installer.

What are Manifold Control Packs?

We stock a range of manifold control packs that provide controlled mixed temperature water to wet underfloor heating systems

The Grundfos UPM3 Auto L Pump is sufficient for all situations in which a controlled pump is required. Compact in size, it is easy to fit in tight spaces such as cabinets. Described as “Optimal for floorheating”, this pump is the market leading appliance.

What’s a Blending Valve?

The Blending Valve is the heart of the control system, with hot water from the heat source being mixed with the return from the underfloor heating system in order to maintain the required temperature.

As such a key component to the performance of your underfloor heating system, there is no better alternative than using an ESBE valve to ensure the reliability and performance of your underfloor heating. This valve will supply heating to underfloor heating circuits at the temperature selected by the user. There are temperature gauges on both the flow and return portions of this valve set.

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