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XPS 500 Underfloor Heating Overlay Boards

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The NEW XPS 500 underfloor heating overlay boards offer a simple solution to install underfloor heating onto existing floors. These panels can be placed directly onto any solid flooring and are perfect for retrofit installations.

These boards feature performance benefits over the standard EPS Overlay Boards.

  • Light bulb returns for much easier laying of pipe
  • Foil is fitted into main grooves
  • Perforated grooves for easy install


VPS Underfloor Heating

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NEW underfloor heating overlay boards. Elevate your underfloor heating system enjoying all the features of our standard EPS boards and more. XPS overlay boards have improved durability crafted from high-quality XPS 500. Boards are designed to accommodate 16 mm pipe at 150 mm spacing, with three channels for return pipes. Our underfloor heating overlay boards feature a 200-micron thick foil coating that continues within the pipe channels enhancing performance. The addition of lightbulb-shaped returns simplifies installation, ensuring greater efficiency and less potential for damaged pipes.


  • Crafted from high-quality XPS 500 (expanded polystyrene)
  • High compressive strength of 500KPA
  • 1200 mm x 600 mm x 20 mm
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Accommodates 16 mm pipes at 150 mm spacing
  • Three channels for return pipes
  • Enhanced with a 200-micron thick foil for optimal heat distribution

Key Features:

  • High strength ensures durability and reliability
  • Increased heat output for enhanced comfort
  • Innovative lightbulb-shaped returns for easy installation
  • Versatile compatibility with floor coverings
  • Superior heat distribution for maximum efficiency

The installation of low-profile underfloor heating overlay boards is a straight forward process. This involves cutting the boards with a saw and fixing them using glue. Attention to detail during installation is crucial to ensure proper fitting of the system. For comprehensive guidance for low profile underfloor heating refer to our data sheet below. Data Sheet

Why XPS underfloor heating overlay boards are better than EPS?

Thermal Resistance
XPS underfloor heating overlay boards provide nearly double the thermal resistance of EPS. With thermal resistance values of 0.9 m² K/W for XPS compared to 0.477 m² K/W for EPS, XPS stands as the superior choice for reducing downward heat loss. This higher thermal resistance is especially crucial for retrofit projects where lifting existing floors for insulation installation isn’t feasible. Choosing XPS ensures excellent performance without significant disruptions to existing structures.

Compressive Strength
XPS boards possess a higher cell density, resulting in superior compressive strength compared to EPS boards. While 400kPa for EPS is generally sufficient, the heightened strength of XPS supports a wide range of flooring types and maintains effectiveness under typical loads and foot traffic. This durability ensures longevity, establishing XPS as a superior choice over other foam insulation types with lower compressive strength.

Moisture Resistance
XPS boards, with their higher cell density, provide superior moisture resistance compared to EPS overlay boards. This makes XPS an ideal material for use at floor level where moisture exposure is a concern. In contrast, EPS may allow water penetration, resulting in gradual degradation of the insulation’s overall performance over time.

Board Design 
XPS underfloor heating boards have more design features that elevate performance and simplify installation.

  • foil coating extending within the pipe channels, ensure enhanced coverage and improved performance.
  • Lightbulb-shaped returns streamlines installation, enhancing efficiency while minimising the risk of pipe damage.
  • Perforated return channels offer easy access when required.


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