How to prevent Wet Underfloor Heating problems

Early detection with wet underfloor heating problems are key to ensuring your system gets up and running again and more importantly stop any damage from spreading and causing even more long-term issues.

Regular Services

It goes without saying that a regular service will keep your wet underfloor heating system from having issues. Similar to having your boiler serviced, speak with your local plumber or heating engineer to discuss a cost efficient service plan for your underfloor heating system and perhaps even breakdown. A wet UFH system is undoubtedly a very robust piece of kit but it is much better to spend a few pounds each month for complete peace of mind.


With the UK having some fairly recent extremely cold winters, water can freeze inside your pipes, leaving them prone to cracking when they thaw out. Try and insulate all your pipes, those outside in particular, as the damage if you don’t can prove to be very costly.

Wear and Tear

The majority of moving parts with a wet underfloor heating system are within the boiler so there is not too much that can go wrong. As we mentioned earlier, having a annual service is recommended as is keeping an eye open for early warning signs such as cold spots or areas that too hot.

Strange Sound and Smells

A strange sound or smell in your home is not pleasant and unfortunately it could mean that there is an issue with your underfloor heating system.

  • Wet UFH systems are silent so IF you do hear noises coming from it – then it’s time to call a heating engineer.
  • A boiler should have some mechanical noises and the regular operational ones are easy to get to know – once again, anything that sounds odd or out of place should be investigated immediately.
  • In regards odd smells, a wet system should have any and if you smell anything that seems like gas or fuel – call an emergency plumber on 0800 111 999

Just remember, early detection of small wet underfloor heating problems are likely to save you hundreds of pounds in the long term. If you have any questions about your underfloor heating systems or are interested in a new install or upgrade, then please get in touch. Take a moment to check out our Wet Underfloor Heating buying guide!

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