Thermopads Electric UFH - 150W & 200W Mat Kits

Thermopads under tile heating mats are available in outputs of 150 and 200 w/m2, and a large range of sizes allows you to select the ideal underfloor heating system, whatever your room dimensions or the shape of your room. A wide selection in sizes simplifies design and installation

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Thermopads Underfloor Heating Mat Kits

The mats are 500mm wide and installations are completed in only a short time due to the ease of rolling out the matting side by side, and facility to remove heating cable from the mat, to fit any shape of room. The mat can be cut and turned with ease to run in strips side by side. These simple procedures are explained in the installation instructions.

Thermopads 150W and 200W UFH Kits

The 150w/m2 underfloor heating mat is suitable for under tile heating in most living areas within the home.

When the floor and room are well insulated the 150w/m2 system can also be used as the primary source of heat.

The 200w/m2 underfloor heating system offers a quicker warm up time than 150w/m2 and is suitable for under tile heating.

It is recommended for conservatories, primary heat source applications, and to heat rooms with a higher heat loss.

Also, it is used when a faster heat up is preferred – up to 25% faster warm up than a 150 w/m2.