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Manifold Control Pack c/w Grundfos UPM3 25-70 130 Pump, ESBE VTA372 Blending Valve

£220.80 (inc.VAT)

Our Manifold Control Pack with Grundfos Pump and ESBE Valve is designed to be the field leading solution for underfloor heating systems. It is easily fitted to all standard underfloor heating manifolds.

VPS Underfloor Heating

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This Manifold Control Pack provides controlled mixed temperature water to underfloor heating systems

The Grundfos UPM3 Auto Pump is sufficient for all situations in which a controlled pump is required. Compact in size, it is easy to fit in tight spaces such as cabinets. Described as “Optimal for floorheating”, this pump is the market leading appliance.

The Blending Valve is the heart of the control system, with hot water from the heat source being mixed with the return from the underfloor heating system in order to maintain the required temperature. As such a key component to the performance of your underfloor heating system, there is no better alternative than using an ESBE valve to ensure the reliability and performance of your underfloor heating. This valve will supply heating to underfloor heating circuits at the temperature selected by the user. There are temperature gauges on both the flow and return portions of this valve set.

ESBE Valves are the industry leading solution for control of your underfloor heating. Designed and made in Sweden since 1906, ESBE valves guarantee quality and performance for your underfloor heating system at it’s very core. Easily control the flow and temperature within the underfloor heating system to ensure it works optimally at any temperature between 20°c and 55°c depending on what is required. The desired temperature can be set with the easily hand-adjustable knob.

With a Kvs value of 3.4, The ESBE blending valve supplied with this kit (ESBE VTA 372) is capable of managing underfloor heating systems up to 230m2, which is more than enough for even a 12-port manifold.

When you are looking at alternative non-branded products you may want to consider the lack of evidence based technical data available for such a key component!

• Lightweight and compact in order to connect directly onto a standard manifold without the need for extra brackets or support

• The control pack consists of; ESBE VTA 372 mixing valve, Grundfos circulating pump, return elbow, manifold adaptor and all necessary seals

• Used in conjunction with 2-12 port manifolds.


High efficiency circulator
Internally controlled circulators
Standard return signal showing power consumption, alarm and operation status
Smallest design ever for a circulator; smaller than the well-known UPS circulator
Unmatched reliability
Field and lab tested product quality
Ceramic bearing shaft that is extremely durable and will not wear
Double de-blocking system – Electronic de-blocking that maintains the maximum starting torque up to 25Ncm and manual de-blocking accessible from the front without demounting control box.
2 x Temperature gauges.
Scald safe functionality that protects underfloor heating pipes and the flooring from drastic, uncontrolled temperature rises. In the event of a cold water failure, for example, the hot water supply will shut off automatically.
Control flow temperatures to +/-3°c.
1″ BSP Male fittings for connection to the manifold.
3/4″ Female BSP fittings for connection to the heat source flow and return loops.
Pressure class PN10, working pressure 10 bar (1.0 MPa).
Maximum incoming water temperature of 95°c. Operating temperature between 20°c and 55°c.