FREE Underfloor Heating Same Day Design and Quotation Service

Free Same-Day Design and Quotation Service – Send Us Your Plans or Drawings

From your plans or drawings, our design team can prepare a comprehensive quotation for your Underfloor Heating project. We are happy to quote for any size of project. From small single room systems to large multi floor buildings or anything in between.

We will then be happy to fine tune our quotations as the project develops. If you wish to make changes to the number of zones or the types of control systems we will be happy to assist.

There are many things to consider when designing an underfloor heating system and our team are happy to advise. Main things to consider are:

Pipe spacing – a new build property will normally be set at 200mm spacings as will a renovation project with good insulation. We have supplied systems at 300mm spacings for passive houses and we have supplied systems as low as 100mm spacings where the customer is running a low temperature system and wants to ensure the heating will be adequate on the coldest days of winter. We will be happy to help our customers decide on the pipe spacings they want.

Pipe Loop Length – There is a limit to how long a loop of underfloor heating pipe can be before it starts to perform poorly.  It is better to use 2 or more loops in a big space rather than use a single continuous loop. All pipe lengths will be clearly designed on the final design.

Heating Controls – We offer a large choice of thermostats and control options. We can supply wired, wireless, and 12V systems as well as providing options that allow control via a smartphone, tablet or PC. These control systems can be extended to control other devices in your home including lighting and sockets, and integrate with most popular smart home apps such as Google Home, Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

Floor Coverings – Choice of floor coverings are vital in ensuring an underfloor heating system performs correctly. Our designs always provide information on the relative heating outputs depending on what floor covering is used.

On receipt of your order, VPS Underfloor Heating will produce a full underfloor heating CAD design. This will be printed in colour on A3 paper and dispatched with the underfloor heating equipment. We will also supply a PDF version on request.

Our underfloor heating designers use CAD software and always include pipe layouts, heat output calculations based on different floor finishing’s, flow rates and pipe allocation.

Our expert designers are fully qualified and experienced and ensure that all calculations, pipe allocations, pipe spacings, pipe layouts, flow rates and heat outputs are correct. If any of these calculations are incorrect the system may not work as it should.

It would greatly assist our designers if you could provide as much of the information from the following list as possible. Please let us know if you need any assistance with this.


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