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Ditch the Radiator: Why Underfloor Heating is the Future

Here at VPS Underfloor Heating, we’re passionate about helping you creating comfortable and efficient homes with our huge range of underfloor heating systems, as well as our underfloor heating design service. As such, we constantly try and convey the benefits of an underfloor heating system as the warmth is unlike anything traditional radiators can offer.

Traditionally, the humble UK radiator has been the mainstay for homes up and down the country – but technology has moved on. In these ever changing times, homeowners don’t only require warmth, but efficiency and comfort with perhaps a little luxury thrown in for good measure. A well designed underfloor heating system can deliver all of this, so let us explain why:

Cold and wet mornings are unfortunately part of the life in the UK, so imagine stepping out of bed and being greeted by a warm bedroom floor. Heat radiates upwards with an Underfloor heating system unlike hot pockets created by the trusty radiator. This is the luxury aspect of Underfloor Heating.

As well as eradicating cold spots, your removed radiator will give you a lot of extra valuable wall space. This leads to a more modern look to your rooms, that are now no longer hampered by radiator placement.

Underfloor heating systems operate at a lower temperature compared to radiators, yet achieve the same level of comfort, so in the long run, you’ll be saving money year after year. Plus, there’s no wasted heat from drafts or uneven heating, maximising efficiency.

Like many people in the UK, allergies can be a struggle? Traditional radiators can worsen symptoms by constantly circulating dust and allergens throughout the room. Underfloor heating offers a breath of fresh air. It uses gentle radiant heat that warms the room without disturbing allergens, significantly improving indoor air quality for allergy sufferers.

Underfloor heating is a future-proof investment. These versatile systems work seamlessly with renewable energy sources like heat pumps. This perfect pairing allows you to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your home’s environmental impact.

Underfloor heating isn’t just about comfort; it’s an investment that adds significant value to your property. The benefits of consistent warmth, improved energy efficiency, and modern aesthetics are highly sought-after by potential buyers.

Why should you choose VPS for your Underfloor Heating Systems?

When deciding on Underfloor Heating for your home, you want to ensure that you receive expert advice from professionals like VPS – we can help with insight and advice into the design process. Plus we can recommend on how to best integrate your system with the different range of smart controls available.

VPS Underfloor Heating are able to answer any question you might have in regards your upcoming project or installation and stock a range of top-quality underfloor heating products from some of the most recognised names in the business including: Grundfos, Taconova, Heatmiser, ProWarm, ESBE and Salus Controls.

Give us a call on 0141 459 3141 to talk to one of the team or take a look at our Underfloor heating design and quotation service – to get a detailed cost of your underfloor heating project. Our team of design experts are on hand to create your underfloor heating quotation. In just 24 hours we provide you with a detailed quotation, material estimate, and further details about our products and your new system.

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