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Planning a Renovation? Ever Considered Underfloor Heating?

Tearing up the carpets and moving walls. Give your house a breath of fresh air – renovations are fun! But in all the crazy excitement of planning your renovation, have you thought about a long-term and cost effective extra feature? Let’s take a look at how an Underfloor Heating Renovation could transform everything.

Beyond Looks: Why an Underfloor Heating Renovation is a game-changer.

New flooring and paint will certainly change the look and feel of the rooms in your home. However, a retrofit underfloor heating renovation will take comfort to a whole other level. No more cold floors in the morning, and the ugly slippers can get binned. Underfloor heating offers a cozy warmth that emanates from below, and makes any room feel luxurious.

Wait, there’s more! Here are some other benefits of underfloor heating that you’ll want to think about when renovating:

  • Energy Efficiency: Today’s underfloor heating systems are very efficient. They run at much lower temperatures than radiators, and may decrease your energy use and heating costs.
  • Space Saving: Underfloor heating systems aren’t mounted on walls, giving you more freedom to arrange furniture, and design options.
  • Even Heat: No more cold spots! Underfloor heating works through the entire room, providing an even temperature from floor to ceiling.
  • Allergy Relief: Underfloor heating circulates dust far less than radiators, making it an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies.
  • Long Term Value: Underfloor heating is an investment that will add value to your home, making it more attractive for future buyers.

If you are renovating your home, now is the best time to add underfloor heating. Here’s why:

  • Easier Access: If you are going to be renovating your home, chances are your floors will be exposed and easy to access. This is the cheapest and most convenient time to add underfloor heating.
  • Future-Proofing: Underfloor heating has a long lifespan, and can be used with types of flooring and heating requirements. Installing it during a renovation means you are only paying out once and you can enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating for years to come.
  • Professional Installation: If you are renovating, you’ll most likely be working with electricians, plumbers and contractors. If you want to add underfloor heating, tell them what you want, and they can incorporate the system with little or no additional fuss.

We offer both Wet Underfloor Heating and Electric Underfloor heating systems and both have their advantages depending on the what your underfloor heating renovation budget requirements look like. Wet Underfloor heating can be more cost-effective in the long run but Electric Underfloor heating can be more easily retrofitted. Take a look at our two previous articles – 5 Reasons to install Wet Underfloor Heating and 5 Reasons to install Electric Underfloor Heating.

VPS Underfloor Heating are able to answer any question you might have in regards your upcoming project or installation and stock a range of top-quality underfloor heating products from some of the most recognised names in the business including: Grundfos, Taconova, Heatmiser, ProWarm, ESBE and Salus Controls.

Give us a call on 0141 459 3141 to talk to one of the team or take a look at our Underfloor heating design and quotation service – to get a detailed cost of your underfloor heating project. Our team of design experts are on hand to create your underfloor heating quotation. In just 24 hours we provide you with a detailed quotation, material estimate, and further details about our products and your new system.

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