Thermopads Loose Cable Mat Kits

The Thermopads Electric Underfloor Heating loose cable heating system is suitable for a wide range of floor coverings – ceramic, stone, limestone, slate, terracotta, porcelain or marble. The system is designed for installation directly below tiles and stone flooring

The loose cable system is rated at 10w/m and is the same cable used in the under tile heating mat.

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The cable comes on a reel and is loosely dispensed from the reel directly onto the floor to be heated with evenly spaced runs of cable to achieve the desired watts density (w/m2) on the floor.

The minimum spacing is 50mm and this will provide a floor watts density (loading) of 200w/m2. The simple instructions show how the spacing can be varied for different loadings and how the length of cable can fit into the area to be heated.

6mm or 10mm thick insulation board installed directly under the heating will increase performance, heat up time and save running costs.

Thermopads Electric Underfloor Heating kits contain everything you need to install them – all packed and supplied in one box complete with full colour instructions.

Please choose an electric underfloor heating mat that will cover 90% of your floor area. It is best to order slightly less than you need than have too much as the cables CAN NOT be cut or shortened.