CAD Design Service

  • The design team at Hetta are at hand to assist with all aspects of your underfloor heating requirements.
  • Utilising the latest software, we can accurately design and specify the correct underfloor heating solution for your chosen project. This includes heat loss calculations, flow rate settings, pipe layout diagrams and manifold positioning.
  • Fully indemnified and conforming to BS EN 12831 & BS EN1264

Technical Support and Customer Service

  • All products from the Hetta range are backed by a comprehensive technical advisory service, available to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of application, design and installation.

Hetta Group is a European manufacturer and distributor of under floor heating pipe, manifolds, components and fittings. Hetta have created modern manufacturing technologies with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Underfloor heating will provide you with consistent room temperatures – as well as improved air quality, more usable room space, total temperature control and energy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional heating systems.

Send us your plans

Simply email your plans with all relevant building data and our Professional CAD team will set to work using the very latest software. Conforming to BS EN 1264, your bespoke design will be sent back to you within 4 hours